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About Us

WHAT IS THE LOONG KONG YOUTH GROUP?      The LKYG is part of the Loong Kong Tien Yee Association Of San Francisco, located at 924 Grant Avenue, 4th floor, San Francisco, CA  94108.  

The YG consists mainly of  a young mix of members ranging  from youngsters to college students and beyond with the surnames of Lew, Quan, Jung, and Chew (including variations of the spellings of the surnames, such as Liu, Kwan, Cheung, Chiu, etc.).  (Also see Chinese characters toward bottom of page for surname identification.)   All participation is voluntary and does not require dedicated membership fees.  All members speak a combination of Chinese Cantonese and  Mandarin and English, and include high school and college students, post-graduate college students, and young professionals.  Friends of YG members are welcome to participate in most events, but won't be subsidized, and won't have voting or membership privileges in the group.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE YOUTH GROUP?            The Youth Group was originally formed in 1981 to cater to the needs and activities of the offspring of the elders of the Association and to perpetuate their heritage through successive generations of new youthful members.   Have fun, meet new friends, participate in social events (parties, dinners, dancing, movies, karaoke singing, trips, and more), and learn about your cultural heritage.  The youth are also encouraged to invite their parents to attend the Association's many diverse activities.

Lew, Kwan, Jung, Chew family name characters
Lew, Kwan, Jung, Chew family name characters